Sienna Bionatec’s products are based on the principle of Probiotics - that is, it consists of live micro-organisms that confer a health benefit on the host.

Sienna Bionatec’s products are biologically based with the aim of improving, stimulating or correcting soil and crop issues through the use of whole micro-organisms or their metabolites. Products specifically formulated to suit a wide range of applications, benefits the target crop through many primary or secondary effects. The products produced by Sienna Bionatec are suitable on all crops.

Experience to date and research results indicate that, depending on the specific circumstances, the following can be expected:

• Yield increases from 15% to 40%.
• Increase fruits/potato size: An increase of 29% to 75% in the number of fruits/potatoes classified as “large”.
• Decrease of disease incidence of between 25% and 80%. Proven results against inter alia Pythium, Rhizotania Solani, Fusarium and Scelorotium.
• As a seed applicator it increases the germination between 14% and 35%.




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